Sporty won't crank.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Boneshaker, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Hey to everyone, I got a head scratcher. My 07 XL1200 low won't start at all, it won't even give a good old fashioned try. When I trun the key on, I get all of the lights, indicators symbols, and flahing signals, and I can hear the fuel valve running open, and all looks and acts like it's going to do it's thing when I push that start button...But, when I do, nothing. Nada, zip, not even a burp. No cranking, no mis-start, Nothing. Just Dead, do nothing, silent button action. I checked all the fuses, and none are blown. I checked the battery voltage and found 11.70vdc avilable. Enough for cranking I would think. I checked for a code with the speedometer, and all codes say "none", Any Idea what can be done to get this putter back on the road ASAP????
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    have you done anything to the bike lately? Does it have security? Have you tried it with both fobs present if it does?
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    Take the leads off the battery and clean the mating surfaces with a wire brush and reinstall. Check all the grounds are tight. Put the battery on a charger on low overnight to get the voltage back to at least 12.5V and then try again. If you don't have a charger, they are under $20 at Walmart.

    If the starter still does not attempt to turnover, try jump to the battery positive terminal. If the starter turns over then, you know it is in the starter switching system. If not, starter?

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    As TQ said, jumping to the starter directly from the POS terminal eliminates the wiring on the bike and will tell you were to look next. Go to the small terminal on the solenoid first and you can even use a jumper cable and go directly to the starter itself bypassing the solenoid to validate the solenoid.
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    Also check your negative battery cable were it connects to the frame. If you have a bad connection there it will also cause what you're seeing.
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    Thanks everyone, I'll try all the sujestions. I think I'm really going to like this site.

    Thanks, I tried starting the bike with both "fobs" with me, and it cranked. It didn't start, but at least it cranked. I'm going down to my local Walmart and look for a Battery charger this week. Thanks again everyone. the "Fob" thing... This is a good trick to keep in mind.

    Just stopped in to say hey. I got the sporty rollin' again. The key fob I was using lost it's mind or something. I used the other one I had and got her to crank. At this point the battery went to low to fully start the bike, so after a quick charge up, I'm on the raod again. Thanks again for your help, and I'll talk to you all soon.
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