sportster won't go into first fully

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by joezupp, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. joezupp

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    I am new to working on Harley's, but I am learning. My club brother was riding his sportster and hit a log that fell off a truck. It snapped the shifter finger off of the rod but appeared to do no other damage. We got the finger, took it in and had it re-welded, now the bike will not go into first fully. The welder set it right back in place and welded it. I am thinking it might have bent the finger a bit. Do you think replacing the shifter rod might fix the issue?? :dknow
  2. doctor727

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    Usually metal parts bend before they break. Remove the shift rod and take it to your local mechanic or dealer. If they have a new one, compare them and see what is different. You will most likely come home with a new shift rod.
  3. Jennmarr

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    A blow that heavy may have bent the shifter pawl or one of the pins in the drum. Also, could have knocked the shifter pawl assembly out of adjustment. If any of those conditions exist it will not shift properly.
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    I hope the remaining shifter piece was removed from bike before welding.
    If so do you have it reinstalled to low????? Like others have said if there was enough force to break off then there is probably interior damage. What happen with foot peg?