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Sportster Transmission And Primary Lubricant


Since the same lubricant for the transmission and primary is used in Sportsters do you think
H-D Formula+ Transmission and Primary Chaincase Lubricant is the best thing to use? Since
H-D does not list viscosity requirements I do not know that I would want to try anything else.
I'd stick with Formula+ as it's what H-D recommends, it works well, and the price isn't bad.

My kid rides an '07 883 Custom and when the dealer serviced it at the 1000 mile checkup they put Formula+ in it. I just did an oil change on it a few days ago and I used Formula+ as well. Clutch engagement and shifting all seem to be excellent with this oil, so that's what we'll stick with.

I would strongly recommend changing the primary/tranny oil with every oil change (or at 5k miles) since it's not filtered and the tranny has a tendency to shear down oil.
It only takes 1 qt., so the cost is minimal... :s

(BTW- I've tried various oils in the primaries of our two Twin Cams and have settled on F+ as it provides the best clutch feel in both. It's pretty good stuff for the primary!)
I also like the Formula1 in the primary of the big twins, priced right and it works as well or better than a few others i have tried. I even tried the older primary oil they had and it didn't seem to work as well, but then again the viscosity was thinner too in the older primary oil.