sportster timing marks

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    I have 1996 sportster and I have the timing marks on the cam align, as it says in the manual. I M wondering if the engine has to be on TDC on any of the pistons? I dont know if its possible since the pinion gear is set one way to align them up the cams.
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    There is a groove on one spline on the pinion shaft and one on the gear, line those up. Then line those marks up with #2 cam. Then line all the cam timing marks up.. Ignore TDC, it does not mean anything. As long as all the cam timing marks line up, you are good to go.. Make sure(double check) all cams are in correct position. 1-4 back to front.
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    As Steve said the pinion gear will only fit in one position and all the rest are lined up from there
    All the correct line up marks are shown in the service manual it is a good guide of how it all goes together