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    Good evening everyone,

    I can write you I have a problem for you because I have done a lot of research and I was a little dry.

    I have a 1200 Sportster 2004 R for some months now with 6250 miles all round as this little machine has rolled (5000 miles in 4 years, I let you make the annual mileage ...), that is not my problem I use this bike almost every day especially to go to work 9 miles to go and 9 miles back it is true that to recharge a battery that is not top.

    I recently had some concern with the original battery (I thought the problem came from there) as soon as I leave the bikes for some days without rolling see some hours at boot time I met the contact,I push on the starter he made a turn and stops a few seconds the engine starts thus avoid me down at the roadside I decided to change my battery, on the advice of some person, I ordered a battery (a YUASA anyway) , I met then the shipper (with an Optimat charger) as indicated in the notice of the battery is in the rules and again she repeated exactly the same (at a price of 107 US dollars battery that makes me a little crazy).

    I think the starter but it has 6250 miles I doubt, or more likely the alarm empty the battery.
    I measured the battery while ago I was a 12,75V while when I climbed it 1 month ago it was 12,95 V, I even control the load engine running multitester turning around 14,30 to 14,40 V.
    I also specifies that everything is completely electric home and clean.
    Is there a relay start on a Sportster 2004 (I was on a XS 650)?

    Some of it you had a similar problem or an idea because I did not want to push the bike (I've already done with a 500 XT Yamaha well it's very long and end your over arms, then I guess even with the Sportster.

    thank you for your reply.

    PS: My first crash since I, I missed it ....:wall
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    It sounds like you are having a starting problem. First thing I would check being you have a new battery is the voltage output with the new battery in the bike and if it's up to where it should be, then check both ends of both battery cables for corrosion and make sure to remove and clean them and then reinstall them.
    Also there has been a problem with corrosion on the fuses in the sportsters from our sportster guru here on the board. Worth a look on your bike too.

    Sportster Fuse Block - Harley Davidson Community
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    Thanks for all.

    I see the bikes and not corrosion (the bikes as only 4 years).

    When I have the times (maybe this week end if I have the time) I watched the electric wiring.

    Thanks for your help.