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Sportster saddle bags


Hi all,

I just got some saddle bags that I purchased off of eBay. They are 2003 Anniversary bags for a sportster. I love the bags they look even better than the picture on eBay. I have never had saddle bags on a bike before. I installed them under the seat and then they had some straps on them that I put over the passenger foot pegs in front and around the
directional stems in the back. My question is am I doing that right? I tried to look at the bags on but I cannot see them well enough to see where these straps go. They are very similar to the Leather Throw-Over Saddlebags for Sportster Models on the Harley site. Any imput would be appreciated.

I don't have built in straps on my bags, but I do use bungee cords and wrap the cord around the foot pegs. Seems to keep them nice and snug to the bike with no problems.

I rode Sportsters for years ( Recently I traded for a BT) in fact owned everything from an old '75 Ironhead, to an '01 evo with a Buell top end. Over all those years I owned all kinds of throwover bags both HD and after market. I was never really happy untill I finally "bit
the bullet" and bought a set of (admitidly overpriced) HD hard mount leather bags. They were hands down the best bags I have ever owned!? These bags looked good, fit right, and were roomer than any throw overs I have owned or seen!

Well, having never had saddle bags before I was a little reluctant to even put these on. But I needed some space. I really do like them and they look good on the bike. They are the 100th anniversary bags and with shipping they cost me $67.00, so I think I really got quite a deal. I would have never considered saddle bags before since my riding was manly shorter pleasure trips. I think the bags you described would really look sweet. I will have to consider them in the future. BTW I have never had a windshield before and I am now looking for one. Of course as soon as I pull out of my driveway the speed limit is 55 not like when I lived in the city. So, I would like some protection from those darn bugs.... They really hurt!!!!

I have been riding since 1950 and never cared for saddlebags, I packed everything in a dufflebag and strapped it to my sissy bar. When I retied in 1994 and started taking a couple of 2 week trips a year I bought a pair to go along with the duffle bag.. I had always thought that a windshield was for the wimps. I bought one last year and won't leave home without it. What a difference, now I see people on the road without one and it reminds me of all the wind and bugs that I used to put up with.