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Sportster is quite a bike!



Seeing in the Sportster a raw and elemental "pure motorcycling experience" like I was interested in, I bought a new 2007 XL 883L last week. I'm still getting into it, like how to handle its power with traditional motorcycle controls.

I hope to learn a lot more about what this bike can be, in terms of riding and use. I am thinking it needs cargo capacity, like saddle bags, more than anything else, so I can make runs to the store on it like I currently do with the Burgman and its trunk. But then maybe I need to reserve the Sportster for just getting out for riding and nothing else. I love it, it has so many metal parts! When I see riders coming the other way, too, I know I'm fully entitled to wave, for I am "paying the dues" that come with operating a "real motorcycle".

hi johalber,

I got my first Harley a 2006 XL883 in July. I figure another 2-3 weeks and I will tip the 5,000 mile mark. In other words, ride the heck out of it! I ride mine to work, on errands, hell if my driveway were 20 feet longer I'd probably ride it to get the mail! I got throw-over saddlebags and a sissy bar and rack as well which helps with all the little errand runs. If you don't want a two-up seat they do make racks for solo seats too. If I have my druthers, and the weather cooperates, I 'll ride the Sporty every time.

Hi- I'm a Sporty freak too, and as on all my other bikes, it's going to be toting a milk-crate on the back for grocery runs, etc. The detachable rack looks/feels plenty stout for the job, and it looks really good with the solo seat.
I keep the sissy bar bag tied on the back of mine all the time. You'd be amazed how much stuff I can cram in that bag.I try to plan as many of my errands on my Sporty as possible. Have fun and keep your shiny side up.
people laugh at me all the time cause im 6 ft 350lbs but i love the hell outta my 06 1200c cannot get enough of it. once i get the new seat and bars on it I may never get rid of it.
I've got the detachable Boss bags on mine...and the Boss sissybar bag. I like the way the bags look so they stay on almost all the time.
My leather bags stay on full time too. I run as many errands as possible just to enjoy the ride. Also, I have a small 6-pack cooler that fits in a bag with plenty of room to spare. With windshield, sundowner seat and those bags, I enjoy the long all-day road rides with the touring crowd around here.
....I love it, it has so many metal parts! ...
I love that. :D There's no injection moulded plastic or clip together novelties on Sportsters.

And they still have normal fasteners, instead of one-off special clips and pop fasteners to hold them together, like most metric bikes seem to.

And they come apart mechanically, instead of needing a degree in 'Transformers' technology.
I love mine too. My wife rides a Softail Deluxe and although it's a great bike I prefer the raw power and nimble handling of my XL1200C. Two of my buddies, who ride a Ultra Classic and Fat Boy, keep asking me when Im going to get a real bike. I keep saying "NEVER!" I do like the Softail Custom though, but the Sporty didn't break the bank and I can afford to personalize it too.