Sportster 48 with kess tech exhaust

Discussion in 'Exhaust Sound Bites' started by LouEyez, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. LouEyez

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    Here is a short vid to show the sound of the KessTech on my 48.

    Please keep in mind that for obvious reasons, and because this was taken on an iphone, and based on your equipment blablabla it actually sound a lot better.

    The KessTech comes with a button you press to either open or close a flap in the exhaust for more or less sound.
    Closed, it's a little louder than stock
    Open, it's louder and deeper than SE, but not by a huge amount.
    The difference between open and closed is a lot more noticeable than on this video.

    YouTube - Hd 48 with kesstech exhaust

  2. Iceman24

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    I say kudos to you - nice sound...especially after pressing (deeper). Was is spendy?

    This could be the fix for all the states implementing loud exhaust noise ordianace(s).
  3. dbmg

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    Very cool. Just like old school.....
  4. LouEyez

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    They are quite pricey, and they are NOT "street" legal, just like all the other after market exhaust, including the SE here is Switzerland.

    HOWEVER, kesstech makes an exhaust that is street legal because the valve opens up automatically when you go WOT.

    Also, they have another model where the valve is opens and closed manually with a tool...but, and this is my guess, they are not your most performant exhausts...