Sportster 1987 camshaft

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by dawroz, Nov 5, 2011.

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    OK. I have 2Tshaft now. Now I can put it back.
    But in my manual there is nothing about the position of crankshaft.
    What should be the position of crankshaft - when I begin to adjust the camshafts on marks? TDC or else"?
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    It has been a wee while since i last had the cams out of my sportster and it is a 93 and may be different from yours but i remember i turned the engine till the pinion gear was in the correct place then got the rear exhaust cam in place and the front inlet cam and the slipped the rear inlet cam over the other 2 so that the 3 marks on the rear inlet cam line up correctly with the pinion gear and the 2 adjacent cams and the placed the front exhaust cam in so that all was lined up
    There should be a picture or diagram in your service manual that shows the correct alignment of all the cams

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