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    Hi All,
    Has anyone got any ideas why my battery discharges after just a few days?
    I bought a new one last year and it was fine while the bike was in regular use, but as with the old battery, it dies very quickly on standing.
    I have removed it and recharged it (it is fine after charging, but when left for a few days it dies again) a couple of times this month already.
    I even removed the fuse when it was left to stand for a couple of weeks.

    Also, is there any easy way to reconnect the negative terminal? I found that I have to hold the bolt in place with a pair of long nosed pliers and try to force it into the battery terminal before getting a spanner onto it, putting my weight down on one knee while using the other knee to stop the battery sliding back out of its holder.

    All help appreciated,
    Regards, Tom
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    Thanks Jack. I will get it checked out.
    Just one question. If there is a bad earth or short circuit, will that cause an electric shock that I felt last time I reconnected the battery? I also got the same shock from the handlebar last summer when I was revving the engine and checking the carb.

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    Battery replacement on 2004-2006 should be about the same...difficult! Yes, the negative terminal is a tight fit...and fits flush with the top and inside plastic housing. You can make it easier by dressing the minus cable thru the corner hole modified to a slot "just so"! I had to do this to make room for the battery tender pigtail. You may also have to inspect the terminal areas to ensure flat, shiny seating surface for the cable eyelets. Use a razor blade, and dielectric grease and you'll have connections that will go the distance. BTW you are looking for parallel resistance to ground, the leakage current should be maybe 50mA to 1A max depending on if you have security alarm or regulator leakage within normal limits.