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    Greetings ,Fellow riders .I am wondering if anyone has any spoked oem chrome wheels just lying around that will fit a 07 streetbob stock sizes?I am looking for front and rear wheels with hubs ,to take the spokes out of and have powder coated. The (EDITED) salt air here in florida is causing my spokes to rust ,and I just can't keep up with keeping them clean ant rust free . If no one does ,maybe somebody can steer me to somewhere I can pick some up cheap. Or is there such thing ?? Would I come better money wise buying just spokes and powder coating them or getting the whole wheel???

    Thanks in advance !!!! And Thank you to Whom ever started this Site!!!!

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    I just did a quick search on ebay and saw some 16" stainless steel twisted spokes for $90. I don't know what cheap is to you, but you are gonna spend a couple of bills to get them laced and trued. Unless you know how. I have seen cheap ss spokes that rusted or corroded, so be aware.
    IMHO there's nothing prettier than shiney spoked wheels, and nothing is as big of a pain as polishing spoked wheels.
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    Breeze is right, there are spoke sets of all kinds available. They are easy to lace but you should take to a shop to be trued, it is teadious and you need to set up some kind of truing jig, adecent dirt bike shop may be the best job and best hourly rate.

    Spokes actually (edit), why not mags powder coated, much easier to maintain and repair flats on the road.
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