Spoked Wheels on a Road King Custom

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by FatBobRob2009, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Currently have a 2009 Dyna Fat Bob with 63K. Just got back from second trip to Sturgis. Now want/need a touring frame. I like the stance of the Road King. When you comparably equip a Road King with the same options that are standard on the Classic (ABS, security, cruise control), the price difference is about $600 more for the Classic. The only difference I can see between the two is spoke wheels v. cast alloy and the leather-covered bags v. color matched hard bags. I can figure out the bags, but I would like this forum's opinion on spoked wheels. My Dyna's wheels are cast. Pretty simple --- get a new tire every 10K or so, no tube, plug kit for the road, no spokes to adjust. Are spoked wheels a hassle with adjustments or tubes, or is it basically a "don't care" between the two wheel types?
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    Sorry ... Make that Road King Classic.
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    You've answered your own question. For all the reasons you mention cast is the way to go unless you just like pampering spoked wheels IMO.
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    I have a 2010 RKC and have never had to adjust the spokes. The wheels run as true as the day I rode it home. I think that modern wheel building technology has done away with the problems of the old school spoke wheels in terms of rim strength and load/torque. They may look like spoke wheels from 50 years ago, but they're sure not built like that anymore.

    I would say buy whatever you like without worrying about spoke vs. cast.
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    Ive had spokes on mine since i got it 3 1/2 years ago, 20k+ miles. 3 sets of tires. Indy and dealer checked spokes at time of install of tires. no issues ( that I know of or told). You might be able to see them on my avatar, they are the fat spokes.

    good luck
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    I have A 2011 RKC and the main drawback to the spoke wheels is the rear tire valve. It's so close to the spoke that to check pressure or add air I need the Harley adapter hose which is a pain to use. Wheels look good but spoiled by a bad design !!! Haven't looked at a 2012 to see if they rectified the problem. Love everything else about the bike.
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    I have had spoked wheels from time to time i currently have 1 spoked wheel the 21" front wheel on my softail custom the only real issue i have is it costs a wee bit more for the rim tape and tube when replacing the tyre and it is a wee bit of a pest getting the tube in

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    I've never had trouble with the durability of spoked wheels. My only complaint is the amount of work it takes to keep them clean. Cast wheels are simple, just wipe them off. Spoked wheels can take forever if your fussy like I am. Trying to clean each spoke individually looks great but gets old really quick.
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    never had trouble i just check them on the rainy days when im in the garage giving her a thorough cleaning, usually just let the mechanic check them while hes got the tire off for changing.

    at first I hated cleaning these wheels but then i found a spray made by Eagle One, chrome wheel cleaner. Just spray on and rinse off. it does a really good job for a spray on and rinse off product. it is an acid based cleaner so dont leave it on too long.
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    The spoked wheels are called "TUBLESS CHROME ALUMINUM PROFILE LACED". I've got the "LACED" wheels on my '07 Street Bob and they are tubless tires (just had to replace them last spring).
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