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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by bubbu, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. bubbu

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    The spokes on my 87 1100 sporty have been ignored for quite some time. I am trying to get them back to original shine but to no avail. I tried never-dull with elbow grease and it removed some but still no luster. I have heard of Marvel mystery oil getting the oxidation off of aluminum, I was wondering if it would work on the spokes also? Any thoughts? Spring is upon us up in the Adirondacks and would love to see my spokes shine before I head out on the road.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    If the clear coat is gone you will not get the rust and pitting off
  3. bubbu

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    I used some Mystery on it and it seems to be coming off, letting it sit overnight and do some more in the morn. How would I know if clearcoat is gone? There wasn't alot of rust, seems like lt's oxidized.
  4. W.Bacon

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    I recently did my rims with autosol and fine steel wool.The rims were really rough shape with grime, surface rust, and pitted rust areas. All of the rust came off. The pitted areas are down to bare metal, and the chrome looks great. Autosol leaves a thin film on the metal that I hope will slow down the re-rusting. A person needs to look very close to spot the defects. Re chroming or new rims in the future, but at least I won't be embarrassed by these rims in the meantime.
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    Good tip, in the meantime I would suggest a good quality chrome polish as part of your regular cleaning process to keep those rims looking good. I jack up the bike quickly apply the polish and use an old flannel sheet cut into 3/4" strips 12 to 14 inches long to buff the polish once dried. It really does not take long, especially if you pull up a pickle bucket, crack a beer and turn on music. I like to clean and polish my laced rims at least once every 2 weeks after a Sunday ride. BTW, I typically ride 300-500 miles a week.

    Many times re-lacing the rims can save money over a re-chrome.
  6. gator508

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    I have used Semichrome with very good results on most chrome, takes a little bit of elbow grease but the results are worth it.
  7. PA 58

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    try aluminum foil dipped in white vinegar . it does a chemical reaction thing that really works:D