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In Texas there is no law against splitting lanes, I have done it occasionaly and then afterwards thought it was risky, but a rush! What's your opinion on splitting lanes:bigsmiley24:
I won't do anything to endanger myself or others and stuff like that plays right into the cagers hands for giving us a bad reputation.
Last year when we rode to California and I seen this! Holy Cow !!! even the Chippies were doing it. On a saturday afternoon we were returning to San Diego from "Big Bear" was a very long back up. I seen these bikes going down the lines between the car..I looked down at my handle bar and I hear my wife say " You ain't going do what I'm thinking your gonna do ...are ya? " I look again and said .." Ain't no freakin way! "..My knees started shaking just thinking about
A few years ago, ABATE of Calif was able to kill a bill to ban lanesplitting, and one of the cogent arguments was that there was no evidence that lanesplitting led to an increase in motorcycle accidents. There was, however, evidence that car drivers tend to resent the bikes that speed past them at what may be excessive speed.
Every heard of a hillbilly, :guitar you go splitting lanes in Ketucky where there is no law "against" lanesplitting, and it could get bad really quick. I occassionally slip to the side on stopped traffic on the interstate and ease by the masses,, but splitting lanes is not reccomended by me.
I go down to San Francisco once a year to visit relatives and while I'm there I occasionally do it because of the traffic. But generally only when a cop does and I follow him :D. I figure my odds are better with him leading lol..
I lived in both Southern and Northern California for a long while before moving to Michigan. While in So. California in Berdoo, (San Bernardino) I knew a few
CHP mounted officers who said the law that allowed lane splitting was intended primarily for motor cops. It allows them to move through traffic faster during traffic back-ups and grid lock. But they stressed it should only be done at speeds below 20mph. Those high speed lane splitters you may see are in violation of the laws intent. I would lane split when the traffic flow justified it but my threat radar was on extra full alert! Most Cal. cage drivers
are used to it and it is not a big deal. It is just the small percentage of bike riders who screw it up for the rest of us by driving as if the freeways are
their personal race tracks. Compared to Michigan, California bike riders have it made. Back here cage drivers are either blind or they are out to get you!
Ride Safe
ermm i lane split period in traffic, over here its called filtering and you can get marks on your test if you do not filter in heavy traffic to make good progress, its second nature over here

As Hobbit says, over here in the UK lane splitting, or as we call it white lineing, is something nearly all bike riders do and most cage drivers make room for you to get through.
It is one of the reasons for riding your bike to work over here in the UK, so that you can cut through the traffic.
I will only lane split when absolutely necessary and only at low speed because the cages get mad and try to block your way. I do it when I don't want to sit in traffic when it is really hot. Cages get mad but their cars are water cooled and they are sitting in A/C. Go figure...