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Speedometer sensor?


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Have a 1997 883 Sportster with no front sensor for speedo. This one must be on the tranny somewhere? Sorry but have no manual for this bike. Stumped. Light comes on but no speedometer or odometer which is digital. Please help!!!:6:
Not familiar with the pickup on the sporty but the big twin has it on the trans. It gathers the metallic fuzz from the gear wear and fouls the sensor up which is no more than a magnetic pickup. Sometimes cleaning works for a short while but replacement is the final cure. It costs around $50 at the dealer and is one bolt to replace it and follow the wire to the plug that is inline.

Take a look here
Checkout the tranny on the high side, just under the Pipe for the rear cylinder, should be a VSS there, down next to the starter.
I had what appeared to be a bad VSS, That was the Diagnostic Code being shown. However, after replacing the VSS, I still had the same problem and was getting the same Code. Long story short, it tuns out Ignition noise, thru a Plug Wire, was interferring with the signal between the Data link and the Speedo. Simple fix was re-route Plug wire and tighten up the wiring harness with a few Wire/Cable Zip ties.