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On the older bikes equipped with a cable drive speedometer, when the speedometer stops working the speedo problem along with the self canceling feature on the directionals not working is usually a broken speedometer cable causing it.

The directional problem is a result of the reed switch in the speedo not operating because of the drive cable broken.
The switch pulses as the speedo turns and is a counter for distance to turn off the directionals.
Theres a tiny screw facing downward on the drive unit on the front wheel will have to come out and this will let you unscrew the cable from the unit counterclockwise . Probably if the top end isn't broken, it's the bottom end that is broken off in the drive unit and tweasers will remove it, possibly a magnet and then you just install the new cable.
You may end up having to remove the front wheel to get the unit off and tap it on a bench to get the piece to fall out. The end of the inner cable just slides in to the drive unit so there is nothing to undo to get it out.

Take care if you remove the wheel to do this repair when reassembling it. There's a tab on the drive unit that has to fit into a drive hole in the wheel.

I don't know if just the inner is available, you may have to order the entire cable inner and outer to repair this problem.