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speedometer & 6th gear indicator problem


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Just had the 5,000 mile service done on '07 Road King. Half way through a 750 mile road trip, speedometer quit working and 6th gear indicator light went out. When I turned ignition off, everything would work for about 30 minutes or so and then problem would reappear.
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I took my bike to the local HD dealer. They could not duplicate the problem (basically knew they would not be able to duplicate) and said they did not see any code on the diagnostics. During my 5,000 service (now have 5,800 miles) I had Syn 3 put in the engine only - used regular HD lube in trans. I just read an article in American Iron mag. where someone had similar problem - ended up being a faulty voltage regulator - putting to much voltage to the speedo instrument cluster causing similar problems. Thanks for your suggestions. I will monitor and see if problem happens on next road trip.
Try that link I posted and check for a code. If it was a higher or lower voltage, it should set a code. Don't rely on the dealers word for much in most cases.