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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by overtheroad82, Apr 4, 2009.

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    I have a 09 fxd handlebar mounted speedometer and was going to change out the housing and had a question. There is a company called 50s boy that made the housing for the 4 inch speedo but they are out of business now i guess and you can't get them anymore. Yankee enginuity makes the housing but their hole size is 3 3/8 and i called them and another company makes their stuff now and the guy had no clue how to help. My question is does anybody know if the internal part of the speedo under the face is the 3 3/8 inch or what size it is. i can't seem to find anybody that makes the speedo housing that is also part of the top clamp and the 3 3/8 hole is as big as yankee makes.
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    Well there are a couple of options to go with here, If you look in the sportster section in the HD catalog there is a chrome speedo mount that will work but you allso have to get the top riser clamp to go with it, or you can get the sportster 1200 custom riser/speedo combo that moves the speedo towards the tank, or the set up from the S E Super Glide that is very simular to the 1200 custom set up. Most all the sportster items will interchange with the Dyna's as for as the gages and controls go.
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    In order to change the riser and speedo from a sportster, do you have to change out the wiring harness? or do you reuse the FXD wiring already on the bike?