speedo sensor problem solved or not??????

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    Hello. I had the same problem with my speedo....the (EDIT) thing just started going from working to not and the turn signals didn't go off after the turns. I replaced the sensor and it did start working again but, the speedometer now goes to 10 miles an hour when I first start the bike or just turn on the key and it stay's there........so when I take off....It say's that I'm doing 10 miles an hour when I'm just sitting there.....It's like the speedometer is showing that I'm going 10 miles and hour and when I start to move it goes up and works like it should but, I'm really only going 10 or so and it's showing 20 and so on and so on......20 is 10 30 is 20 40 is 30 50 is 40 and so on..........what the (EDIT) is wrong now????? can anyone help me?????//
    I have gone over the wiring several times..taken the tank off and traced the wires and the wiring harness nothing broken or pulled loose.......
    like I said..........when you first turn the key on a few seconds go by and the needle comes off the peg and goes up to 10 miles and hour and stop's..........then when I start to ride it it moves just like it should but from 10 mile an hour starting point instead of off the zero peg.!!!!!!!! and by the way the turn signals are working the right way now too.....I'm hoping it's not the speedometer it's self..........I can't seem to find one to check to see if that's the real problem now..

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