Speedo Error Message P093A

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by larryjsmith77, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I own a 96 Heritage, during my last oil change I checked the miles and got a message on the speedo screen P093A, which wouldn't go off and didn't till I switched the bike off and restarted. Then the total and trip miles went to zero. I've called Harley and they don't know, taken the bike to two dealers and they act baffled. I've done some research and know that these codes are to define mechanical or electrical errors. Anybody out there know where do I find these codes or what the problem might be. I've checked and cleaner the Vehicle Speed Sensor, have rebooted by undoing the battery and even taken the speedo off and cleaned all connections. Oh some help is needed badly.........SOS
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    Explain to me if you will how you got that code on your speedo, what steps did you use.

    There is a procedure for later bikes with the codes listed but usually bikes prior to 2000 didn't use this procedure.

    This is the one I speak of...