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    Have a 98 883....and the odometer comes on (electronic) and backlights...but the needle does not move when in motion nor does the odometer keep mileage. Its stuck where it is. I will try tonight....pulling the sensor from transmission to see if it is gunked up i guess. Also...my flashers do not work. The front two running lights stay on but do not flash. There is voltage in the swithces though. Looks as if whomever had the bike before replaced wiring in the back left flasher. ANy tips?
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    Definitely check the wiring. Are the 2 faults connected (no pun intended).
    Are both left and right indicators not working ?
    Check the connector block for the handlebars/rear lights/Indicator module and associated wiring. Check for shorts where the indicator wiring goes from the stalk through the fender.
    best of luck.
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    The speedo on my '98 xlh1200 was not working (No speed. No odometer.) . It wasn't the speedo, It was sending unit at the trans. I cleaned it but that didn't help. The replacement sensor looks noticeably different from the original. Nio more speedo problems since I replaced it

    Per threads on other forums, there was a sender problem that was corrected by the new design.

    With a meter and jumper wires and per the wiring diagram in the shop manual, you can check for a pulse (voltage change) on the sending wire as you turn the rear wheel. There is a connector under the seat.
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