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Spectro Trans Fluid

I have picked up the Spectro Plantinum fluid today, going to drop it in to night and will put on a few hundred miles the next 8 days. I will give my feed back on the product. I have put on about 1200 miles on the HD Dino, so I am sure I will notice the change.\
Also, The Spectro rep was great on getting it to the local Honda dealer, less then a week!
You are 100% correct Glider, Major change! Took her for a 25 mile ride this am (28*!!!)
Up shifts and down shifts are smoooooth as heck!:s no "clunking" into or out of gears.
Neutral is a breeze now as well. VERY happy with it!
The SPectro rep had called me today and asked if i have received it and was happy with it, nice people. He also told me that Spectro would have a booth set up some place in Daytona, So if any one is having an issue trying to locate it, they can help or sell to you.
On a side note, leaving this cold weather and heading down south for 80* weather tomorrow for a week of warm weather ridin! Yipeeee!:D
Glad to hear the good report. I can't wait for a break in the weather to finish my little project. I hate February! Wish I was going down south, have lots of fun, ride a few miles for us poor snowbirds, and be safe!
Found this on the Spectro Website:

""February 29 - March 9, Daytona Bike Week. You’ll find Spectro at Daytona International Speedway, located in the Daytona Motorcycle Marketplace, midway between the metric and V-twin areas.

Look for Spectro employees at all the major venues. Introduce yourself (look for the Spectro hats) and we’ll answer any questions you might have — and give you a little thank you gift.

You’ll also find Spectro at the Limp Nickie Lot in the Stone Edge Skate Park; and at the Wyotech Brute Horsepower Shootout. For more details, check out the web sites of Limp Nickie and Wyotech.""

I am going to have to look for their products over there later this week when I ride over. The two distributers they have listed for my area, one is a BMW (car) service center and doesnt seem interested in ordering the bike fomulas for me and the dealer seems to be out of business. Anyone know of any mail order or online sources for Spectro products??

Ride Safe Ya'll,

Hey, TG, can you hook me up with a name and number for that rep? I want to see if he gets this way or can tell me who the rep is down here. I don't want to go to Savannah just for that and don't go but a couple of times a year, anyway.

Guess i should have read all the post before i answered! Sure man, I will send you his number. The guy was great!
I found the Spectro people at Daytona, But No body tending the booth? They were walking around looking at the "sights":s
They were not selling fluids but will answer anything for ya and find a rep in your area.
Got a cool sticker too!:D It will look good on the garage wall, not the bike unless that want to give me some $$$$. They did say to tell Glider thanks!<---Just kiding:p
Oh and VERY happy with the fluid!! Good combo with the Mobil 1 and Spectro in the trans along with HD 20/50 in the primary, No heat issues at all and let me tell you there were alot of dudes pulled over in traffic (Main Street) letting them cool down.