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Speaker Upgrade for Ultra Classic

Looking to upgrade stock speakers, does anyone know anything about the new J&m fairing speakers? How do they
rate vs. Hogtunes?
dumb question but what is the draw back to just using regular speakers from like Alpine or Infinity? I realise no weather resistance but even riding in rain how wet would they really get?
The major drawbacks of using regular speakers are as follow:
1 - Paper cone get destroyed
2 - Your amp/radio gets destroyed.

Let me explain #2

When a regular speaker gets exposed to a lot of moisture ,the paper cone will evenually soften and tear free of the outer/inner suspension. This allows the inner coil surrounding the magnet to extend further than it was designed, resulting in a possible breakage of that wire or pulling it out of the paper cone altogether.
Depending on the power/volume, that open speaker circuit causes your amp/radio to deliver more power than it was designed for, resulting in a failure.
If those same wires short out , their goes your amp/radio.

If you never get caught in a rain storm or are carefull when washing your bike then there's no problem.
Personally, I would rather spend the extra bucks for weather proof speakers as saving a few bucks somtimes will cost your more in the long run.
I went with the J&M speakers and the main reason was price. I got a better deal on them. The thing I have noticed is to be sure that you get the right ohm speakers or it is trouble.The hog tunes are also nice so its your preference. The J&M's was an easy install until i stripped one of the flarring screws puttine it back on.
I put the Hog Tunes in my Ultra and I am really happy with the better sound. I have nothing bad to say about the J&M speakers. I followed the forums for a long time and got to email PEZ at HOGTUNES he was quick to respond back with answers to my questions. Pez is very easy to deal with and backs his products well.