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I have heard that AutoLite plugs are better than the HD plugs, does anyone have any input on this? If so, do you have a cross reference number, because I really don't trust the kid behind the counter to give me the right plug. :hii
The autolite number that would cross to the 6R12 HD plug is [FONT=Arial, Arial, Helvetica]4164[/FONT]
For the difference in price, I really don't feel they do anything more than the stock plugs. Once the mixture it lit off, plugs don't make a difference at all. May just last a bit longer but I would rather replace them with stock plugs but do it more often. You also have the ion sensing to be concerned about and could set a code with some plugs.
I've ran every kind of plug in my fxrs finally settling on autolite. It ate every plug but the autolites. But in all fairness my bike wasn't running well to make any assumptions.

p.s. As the kid behind the parts counter we are only as good as the people who trained us.