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Spark Plug X Reference Chart


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Here's a handy cross reference for Harley plugs.
Be advised that a change to a different plug or plug wire than stock could result in setting a code in the Delphi systems of later year Harley's from the ION sensing system that uses a set resistance to detect knock in the engine.

This is not usually true if just going to a colder heat range.

Usually a change between the HD plug and Champion plugs will set no codes.

Also here's a handy reference for all plugs in different bikes.

Spark Plug Interchange Guide
I would use the stock plug because of the ION sensing. If you change to a different type plug the ION sensing system will not work properly and pinging/detonation will not be detected and dealt with through the resistance in the plugs.
I was just reading this mornign and saw this
(Usually a change between the HD plug and Champion plugs will set no codes.)

Id bet that because Champion makes the HD plugs they sure look like them esp the gold plugs
I believe you are correct Bud! :D

Remember that Harley builds bikes but not necessarily every part that goes into them.