South part of Utah


If you want to experience some great scenery go here. The national park and state park are some beautiful scenery that any would would be pleased with. Escalante and Capitol Reef is a definate must see.
One of the things we would love to do is ride in many of the national parks. There is so nuch great scenery and great open spaces all over this country. I cannot wait until we can start planning our trips.
Did a trip out there in '03 , rode all the way up RT 12 to Torrey and it was great. Some of the best scenery I have ever seen. Think I enjoyed Capial Reef the most.
We went to Bryce and Zion this past Fall, and it was just breathtaking. Didn't ride the bike (my 86 fxrs), but took our Toyota Spyder convertible. Saw lots of bikes, though, and had a pang or two.

Bryce was more "unworldly" with its Hoodoos, but we both preferred Zion for sheer beauty

We want to go back on the RG, maybe next year.
I grew up down in those parts. Plenty of fun stuff to see. The little bro and I are planning a trip down later this spring. I've done Zions before on the bike, loads of fun. I am looking forward to RT 12.