Sore neck while riding?

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    Does anyone else get a sore neck while riding on longer rides? Any exercises recommended or should I see a chiropractor?:newsmile031:

    Possibly a change in bars would do the trick.

    Neck soreness is perfectly normal unless you're already used to having extra weight (helmet) supported by your neck muscles for long periods. Gentle stretches, gradual build up of muscle strength, and the pain reliever of your choice should help. If this doesn't apply to your situation (no helmet state) then it's probably your seat position and/or handlebars putting your arms and shoulders in a bad position causing upper back/shoulder/neck pain.

    I have found that incorrect positioning from the bars where they pull your shoulders forward can cause the pain in your neck on many bikes I had. A change to a more comfortable bar with a more natural riding position should help if not eliminate this.
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  2. theroadkinger

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    Does anyone else get a sore neck while riding on longer rides? Any exercises recommended or should I see a chiropractor?
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    I have problems with sore neck periodicaly. Try these exercises. While maintaining an upright posture do each exercise 10 times. Tilt your head forward untill you chin is against your chest then tilt it back as for as you can. Then turn your head as for as you can first to the right then to the left.
    Then roll your head in one deriction than the other. You might want to do these prior to a ride and as needed while makeing stops during the ride. It may help if before you do pre ride exercises if you apply heat on your neck for 10 minutes or so. Hope this helps.
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    Try a lighter helmet
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    I get the same thing when I wear my helmet. It's much worse without the windshield!!! It's like this constant downward pressure that just cramps your neck really bad.
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    I have had a pain in my neck ever since I bought the Nightster...and thanks to my stealer one in my (EDIT):cry
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    I got some relief with one of the lighter carbon fiber helmets...and a Sodium Noproxen (over the counter) tablet taken before a ride helps.
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    I have neck problems already so after a long ride I find pain releaver and HEAT HEAT HEAT helps doc said I shouldnt be riding so I told him he shouldnt be practicing medicine and got a new doctor .
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    I use to feel neck pain too until my mechanic (who weights about 300 lbs) accidental pushed my handle bars down when he got on my bike. I told him to leave it and let me check out the new position. To my surprise... no more pain in the neck. You might take your bike to a chiropractor and have him.her check out your seating position. I have seen ads in several biker rags from chiropractors offering this service.