Sometimes it's better to NOT stop...

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    stop along the way and smell the roses.
    Took off Friday with the fiance, heading towrads Dallas, Tx. From Lincoln, NE, we had quite a ride in front of us. We didn't leave until 200pm (as we both had to work) and had to endure the heat for remainder of the day. We decided to end the day in Guthrie, Ok. Just prior to arriving at Guthrie, Ok we were looking straight into a rain cloud and pulled under an overpass to gear up. We rode about 10 minutes and the rain (which was a very slight rain) ended quickly; bad news almost melted in our gear.
    The next day we took off fairly early, hoping to avoid some of the heat; for the most part of Friday we rode in triple digit weather - not a good time. It heated up FAST and we decided to stop in Moore, Ok at Fort Thunder Harley to purchase a t-shirt for the fiance. No offense to those that collect Harley gear, but I don't wear it and the fiance loves to shop - I figured I'd cool off while she shopped for a few minutes. We walk in the door, she heads for the clothing section and I wander over to the Street Glides.
    After a minute or two the sales staff approaches and asked if I see anything I am interested in. I have been toying with the idea of a SG, however I just spent the prior week installing a cruise control (hours and $$$) on my 2007 Fatboy. I really like my Fatboy, but the only tihng missing was cruise - now with that installed I was set. We continue to talk and discuss what I am looking for, what I'd want for my ride and what it'd take for me to walk out the door with a new ride. Before stepping into the financial office I told my finace I was not going to purchase; I have no problem telling a salesperson no, but I assumed they would not accept the offer of what I wanted out of my Fatboy. We throw some numbers around and I say I want to think about it and the fiance and I deicded to head down the road. The dealer low balled me intially and I assumed we'd end there. After a few trips to his manager the financial agent returned stating his manager accepted the terms - honestly, I was shocked. I wasn't attmepting to rip anyone off, but dealers usually won't pay what I could sell it for on my own.
    I decided to tell them I was interested, but wanted to think about it and would be in contact. They remained helpful and told me to stay in contact. The fiance and I took off down the road. We made it approximately 40 miles and stopped for food. I called the dealer back and we negotiated a few more items; had to ensure I would have the needed accessories (back rest and luggage rack) as we were on the road. We came to a fair deal and I told them I was heading back to their dealership.
    Long story short, a few hours later I was driving towards Dallas, Tx on my new 2011 Street Glide - 103", ABS, Cruise, etc. Ended up putting approximately 800 miles on it before pulling into my garage today.
    Moral of the story - Beware of VERY expensive t-shirts!!
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    Quite a story! For sure you made a good move and you'll enjoy the new ride.

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    Congratulations on the new ride.That some way of celebrating your countries birthday, if everyone did that it sure would help the economy of the US and Canada.

    Happy 4th of July everyone.

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    Great story. It nice when the deal suits both parties like that. Makes for great buying experience.
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    congratulations on the new bike.

    do we get to see a pic? of the T-Shirt:D never seen one cost that much before
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    Great story, enjoy the new ride:s
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    Excellent story and thanks for sharing. Glad it worked out for you the way it did. Sorry about the heat, we don't do it on purpose :D
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    No..... It was the shirt that was expensive.....You got the bike for free!!!!!
    Congrats on the new steed. May you make many miles of memories upon it.:s
    Did you thank the little lady????
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    Congratulations on the new bike. Nice to hear of a dealer who negotiates. Enjoy your new ride.
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    A great ending to a great story. Now you need to post a few pictures of the new scoot and of the t-shirt, Enjoy!