Something in addition to a Harley?

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  1. Prosideus

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    Hate to ask it, but want to know if anyone has some thoughts here. Love my 04 road king. Awesome color scheme and detailed the way I like it. Here's the deal. My wife has an MS family disease and the vibration flares up her condition something awful. S o I am wondering about a bike that would be virtually no vibration. I have tried all the Harley's at the local shop available for rental, but nothing is smooth enough. I really don't want to go gold wing, and not sure about BMW. I will keep the road king, but wondering if anyone has any experience or suggestion on options for a second bike.
  2. FerrousBueller

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    Before you invest in a different bike, have you considered a different seat? There are several others here that have more experience with aftermarket seats. I hope they can add suggestions on seats that help reduce vibrations.

  3. DFHarley19

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    My friend who own 2003 Road King Classic. He wants to try what I have on my 2010 RKC bike. We put Redline 20/50 in his bike engine, MTL (yellow bottle) in the primary, and Redline Heavy ShockProof in the tranny. I can see his eyes was wide open and he said that two things he noticed about his bike. Less vibration and cooler... Maybe that is what you are looking for... If you love them then give credit to BUBBIE! That is where I learned from that guy! :small3d028:
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    I think you answered your own question.....:s I not sure the BMW is going to get you where you need to be. The Wing would be a excellent choice. Have you had the opportunity to ride the Wing with the Misses and what is her opinion??? Best to you and finding the correct fit....:)
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    First I'm very sorry about your wife's condition, and have you talked to her physician about the problem she is having when she rides. It may not be the vibration as much as the motion, and there are medications that may help. That being said if it is the vibration or the motion and meds are not the answer, and the Harley is the culprit, than before you make another major purchase I would suggest that you rent a Wing or BMW and see if they are any better. You just may end up buying a Can-Am spyder or a VW based trike to get her in the wind.
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    Have you considered a side car???
  7. doctor727

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    I have a good friend that rides a Wing. He says it is like sitting in his livingroom on the couch. Very little road vibs and none from the machine itself. HDDon has a good point regarding the motion. Anyway, you will find the right combination to keep the wind in both of your faces. Good Hunting.
  8. trike lady

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    There's always the F6B, its not the typical Wing-a-bago.
    Sorry to hear about the Mrs. medical condition.
    Rent a Wing from Eagle Rider and give it a chance.
  9. SledDog

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    Any of the touring BMWs are very smooth with no Harley like vibration. Most BMW dealers will give you a test ride.
  10. Prosideus

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    So a quick update on this. First, thanks to everyone who posted comments.

    I went and test rode the big BMW. Great ride, but did not like it at all for me. Just did not give me any type of feeling/environment that I want in riding a motorcycle.

    Have not rode the F6B yet. Will try to get to that soon. We did rent a heritage softail with the counterbalanced engine.

    Here is what we discovered. There is a definite difference between the two Harley's. However, the effect on her legs was not significantly different, at least not enough to justify doing something different at this point. Still have the Honda option, but it may be that we are related to evening dinner trips on occasion.

    One other thing to not, man did that heritage get hot. I could not believe the difference in heat from my 04 RK and the 13 heritage. Yikes, something else we both noticed as a significant detractor....

    Last thing. I wish it was only motion related. Definitely related to nerve inflammation from deterioration of the mylene sheath on the spinal cord....we are blessed as to the limit of her condition.

    Thanks again guys.