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    I was forced to winterize the bike yesterday,a few week's earlier than normal...having shoulder surgery on the 29th..I realized that other than basic maintenance items,I did not buy one piece of chrome or any other accessory this year..first time in 5 yrs...I did not even buy a HD t-shirt...I even quit using chrome oil filters. There was a time that I would not even roll it out of the garage with out it being spotless and would spend hours cleaning her up after every ride...this year I would just park her and give her a quick once over before I took off again. It's not for lack of interest..I rode 7k miles this year and due to my job..I can only ride on weekends. It's not an economic thing..I had a short list of things I wanted buy but never pulled the trigger.....Has anyone else gone through this phase?...
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    Yea, I experienced it with my wife. I love her more than ever, just don't fuss with her as much. :lolrolling The new wore off, and practical set in.:D
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    Oh man, if I ever said that to my wife I would be a batchlor again, and not by choice. :lolrolling
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    You did not mention what your age is. Just a range will do.
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    As soon as I posted that, my heart started beating harder and I've been worried that somehow,,,, she's gonna see that post. She has ways of finding out things. If y'all don't hear from me for a while......
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    Some times u just got to ride and forget about the chrome and t shirts