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  1. well ill start with saying dont ever buy a tank and fender set off the guy on ebay that sales them as HOK paint and all his sets are the changing paint schem. he bent me over and 5 months later he gave it to me ... and i say that to get me to my problem ... was told my parts was on ther way and would be here thursday. i tore all the tins off my 03 sporty wed wanting to have it ready to slap the new tins on . well thursday gets here and all i get a a orange peel . runny green tank . im hot so i demand my fenders and stew on what to do next . well today i go to put my old tins back on the thing , get it all together and fire it up and all i have is a tach , head light and a left front running light ??????? no horn no speedo no tail lights or turn lights . tore it back down to see if i unhooked sumthing and missed it and nothin was found . im thinking it may be a ground but i cant find it . im unedgeamakated in this feild and now im freaking out lol . does this thing have any fuses sumwhere ???? im at a real lose and ready to strike a match and file a insurance clame
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    yea about the tank lol but ebay didnt do anything to my lights lol.... and whats the grey box hooked to my rear fender ??? it had R and L in and R and L out and a ground and speed on it and +V .....7 wires all together ???? i wont be able to sleep till i fig out what it is

    ok thanks for all the help guys i fixed it .... as my daughter would say YEA GOOOOO ME lol . all i got to do is learn how to paint and redo all my tins and ill be good to go
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    Just walking away from things is the way to do it, it will still be waiting for you letter.:s