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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by markfsanderson, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. markfsanderson

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    I've some questions that are kind of all over the place . . . any help or advice would be greatly appreciated:

    1) On my rear fender, I've noticed some very light scratch marks . . .just barely visible but still enought to annoy me. Is there some way to rub or buff these out? Rouge/buffing compound? Is the H-D paint job thick enough or of the right type that I can do this w/out damaging the finish?

    2) Dang Clutch adjustments . . . so when I started my 1000 mile service interval I replaced the chaincase fluid and the clutch felt good to me and it seemed to be in spec as well. So now, about 400 miles after I did this, I'm now not so satisifed with the clutch feel and seems like its just a bit loose. Must I replace the access cover seal each time I open it? I'd like to adjust the clutch - 'tighten' it up a bit . . . must I replace the clutch access seal? The motorcycle has about 1400 miles on hit . . .

    3) Oil cooler install . . . I'm thinking of getting a 10 row oil cooler - its pretty darn hot here in the Texas Hill Country lately . . . Is it required that I drain my oil to install this device? If I did, can I just pour the oil back in after draining it? I did an oil change about 400 miles (mobile 1 synth) and am not in a hurry to buy new oil (Kind of spendy!).

    Thanks for any help offered!

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  2. Rydit

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    Up this way, we have "muguires" products...i use one labeled a "hand polish", which is listed as near zero for its grit. works great on the fine scratches and embedded bugs. might take some work....but i make a mess with the heavy cut compounds.
    The tranny inspection seal can be reused many times, at least for me. not sure on your model, but in 2009 the dressers swithced to a sort of easy pull clutch, and as the oil warms...the clutch lever feel changes. it drives me nuts....and i had the clutch cover off a few times because of that...
    not sure i am much help on the oil cooler, look where it plumbs in. if the fittings are above the oil level in the pan, you shouldn't lose much oil...or jack the front of the bike up a touch more than the rear, assuming the bike is rested and the oil has drained back to the oil pan
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  3. Breeze3at

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    I picked up several scratches on my Sturgis ride. I just finished detailing the bike, and used Meguires ScratchX. It did a fairly good job on removing them, it did a great job on the spider web swirls from previous polishing.
    Don't rub too hard.

    I haven't replaced the original derby cover gasket yet on my bike. I know I've changed oil 4 times.

    I've got no oil cooler experience.
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  4. HDDon

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    +1 on the ScratchX. If your careful you can reuse the gasket. I would not reccommend reusing the oil.
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  5. Iceman24

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    Another happy ScratchX user, just take it "slow" and "easy" w/the rubbing. Also, for the clutch adjustment/gasket...if it looks good then no need to change. Wipe it off good & re-seat...change it later if you do see seepage. For oil coolers, I say wait for your next change...there will be leakage & the install can get messy if oil isn't drained.
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  6. The Flying HOG

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    Dont use a compound. It has grit in it and will scratch more. Just use a non abbrassive wax or polish. I use nu-finish car polish. Smooths out any light/fine finish scratches.:bigsmiley12:
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  7. markfsanderson

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    Thanks guys! Appreciate the help and insight . ..

  8. Lawdog314

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    Can only advise on your scratch issue, if you can stand another one. I have had real good luck using my vehicle buffer and plain ole run of the mill Turtle Wax. Imagine any decent wax would be fine. I inherited about six bottles of it when my dad passed. It was the only thing he would use.

    I will say, if you use a power buffer, KEEP IT MOVING! Leaving it in one place will quickly generate a good deal of heat and you could end up with a look that would make you envious of your little hair line scratches! Don't ask me how I learned that, (on wifey's car)! :small3d031: I am a firm believer in trying the least harsh fix first when it comes to paint and finish. Kinda like measure twice cut once.

    Let us know how your clutch and cooler goes. May be putting a cooler on the Ultra this winter. Good luck with all the issues!

    Ride safe,
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Mark, if you have The Quad O-Ring type of seal and stock cover you will get many years of use out of that gasket. I have had mine apart at least 6 times now still on the original O-ring seal, ya got to be care ful when using custom covers Even H D ones, most DO NOT have the groove for the O Ring:s
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  10. markfsanderson

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    I tossed the original seal when I did my 1K service . . . I've got the cover off now and gently extracted the seal from the groove . . . it appears to be in good order. I'll be finishing it up tonight and trying out the new and improved adjusted clutch . . . hopefully I don't have it with too little free play on the clutch . . . we'll see tonight or tomorrow.

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026: