Solo Rack on FatBoy with locking cam

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    I bought a solo rack for my FatBoy and then bought one of the locks for the detachables. Well, I didn't read the fine print that says you can't use the lock on a FatBoy. Turns out they make the key with the barrel part of the key going straight off the end so you can't get the key past the rack's bar to unlock it once it is locked. Easy fix but first - Why in the (EDIT) would anyone do it this way??? -

    I took it to my buddy at the machine shop and had him cut the end of the key off and remount it at a right angle. Actually you unscrew the barrel part and then cut it for the remount. Also make sure you have the ridge part of the key pointing to the right when holding the key. Otherwise you will be banging the key into your fender when trying to unlock it. I have both the detachable solo (use most of the time) and sissy bar (for the wife) so I had him cut one of them with a wider cut so I can tell the keys apart.

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