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    4 published an article:

    2013 Harley-Davidson Models Revealed in CARB Documents | News

    As usual we get a sneak peek of the model lineup form the california emissions registration documents but published a breakdown.

    Glad to see the road king got the cvo treatment this year! CVO softail convertable has been replaced by a "CVO softail breakout". Of course as we expect there are many 110th anniversary editions......and the only thing I see that may be something new is the dyna streetbob NGP......don't know what NGP means but guess we'll findout soon enough. Oh.....and the nightster is not on the list. Not too much to brag about except for the guys looking for the 110th anniversary paint schemes!
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    Natural Gas Propelled???

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    Good one!:small3d031:
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    NGP= Non Negotiable Pricing :lolrolling Got to have some humor @ the MOCO expense
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    Good info here is a link to the 2013 colors Harley Davidson Community