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Solenoid problems...maybe?


What are some of the signs of a bad solenoid? I've went to larger battery cables, had all the wiring checked out, but when I try to start my dyna the starter drags and then tries to keep cranking a couple of times, even when I let go of the starter button. Also the battery, pos cable, starter, solenoid, and cable from solenoid to starter get hot to the point of melting.:bigsmiley15: I'm at a loss. Has anyone had this problem???
Hi, looks like your starting motor uses too much power...maybe some windings are in short, I advise you service your starting motor completely.Get all the parts clean and checked,then put it together.A car mechanic should be able to do this..maybe take the motor out yourself and just hand it over the mechanic.I do not like people fiddling with my Harley! good luck
Exactly what I was thinking about the starter motor itself. It could be the brushes and the commutator needing a cut to clean it up.
I had the same with my Dyna convertible ('95) turned out to be a "lazy" starter motor. Had it reconditioned and all worked fine again.