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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Veep, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Many thanks to whoever posted the info on the softail speed sensor. My speedometer died in the middle of a ride and it helped me troubleshoot and repair the problem. Might want to add a comment about removing the plastic cover to access to the connector. I do wish to ask for opinions on three items. I ride a 2003 Night Train FXSTB (carburated). The bike has a stage one upgrade and runs great. Is trading up to a fuel injected model worth it from a performance standpoint? After riding different fuel injected models I don't see an appreciable difference. Also, my bike (5 speed) seems to be geared too low. Is there a way to change the final drive (gear ratio) and increase the top end? What parts will need to be swapped? And what happens to the speedometer? Is there an easy way to recalibrate it? I hope I'm not the first person to have this idea. Also, which aftermarket seat is the most comfortable. The stock seat leaves a lot to be desired. I have been looking at the Rallyrunner and the Sundowner. I need to ride two up since my daughter loves to ride as much as I do. Any comments? :D
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    Geez, a lot of questions in one post:D

    Glad the VSS post helped you out. There are certain things that aren't in a lot of the self help tips for example no need to post to remove a bolt or to push a wiring harness to the side etc when doing a job unless it is a critical point, then it will be posted. It becomes redundant if you post every small detail and should be common sense when doing a job.

    Trading up to FI from carbed will give you a better running bike, more efficient fuel delivery but not necessarily a performance increase.

    Changing drive ratios can be done inside the primary by selecting different gearing which sometimes requires replacement of the primary chain also depending on the ratios you select and not effect your speedo, if it is done through the final drive then it will require an adapter like the Dakota digital speedo calibrator to correct the reading. You are looking for more top end, I would be careful there because you may hurt acceleration and other areas doing this. How much do you top end it compared to how much you run ad low speeds? The 5 speeds were geared pretty well overall.

    As far as seats, the sundowner is a good choice IMO.
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    fuel injection is nice specialy if you tour a lot. biggest differece that is noticeable is easy starting and fuel adjustment when in the mountains at altitude. carbs need to be jetted for the altitude they are most run at. when going above or below that lvl performance can suffer. as to gearing you need to be careful if you mess with the ratios. it doesnt just effect your top gear it makes all your gears taller. a better solution in my opinion would be to just fit a DD6 to it you'll get a 500 RPM drop over a 5 speed and not be overly tall on the lower gears.
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    In changing the speed sensor, Stupid people (like myself) would try to fit their hand behind the fender to unplug the connector before realizing there was a removable cover which made the job much easier.

    On the gearing question, my cruising speed is spent mostly between 55-80mph. Where I live in Alabama I ride a lot of interstate and open country roads. I just find myself searching for another gear constantly. I'm not talking about a large increase in gear ratio, just maybe 5-10%. First gear seems low to me so I hope a longer first would be of benefit. Does anyone make a kit for changing the primary ratios, or should I just go to my local HD dealer and ask for parts? Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, I am ordering a Sundowner seat today. Thanks for the recomendation. :D
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    I'm not much help on gear ratios & such (yet), but I have a sundowner seat on my deuce and I like it. Comfy enough on the long rides, I have no complaints. I can't say anything about being a passenger on it though. :D I think you will like it. Good luck!