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    Got my new to me 2001 Electra Glide Ultra Classic and fixed the twin cam problem with a S&S Gear drive... seems to have a bit more power due to the 510 cams, so much more (not that much but a little) that I snapped my drive belt.... Talk about bummed out, only had the bike for 1 month and paid 8 grand for it and put cash into a problem cam tensioners that Harley should have fixed and then the belt....anyway I ordered the belt and gaskets and going to put it in with the help of a friend........ Hoping that this will fix the problems ... the bike only has 26,000 miles so I'm sure that the problems will be long forgotten and the getting back to riding will happen. I am blown away at the amount of cash the dealer wants to fix things.... Looks like I will be buying a stand and tools for the repairs.....
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    Take a very close look at belt. Unless you were hooligan in which I doubt, I would bet that after inspection you will find something that cause belt to fail. Some Members who have over 100k on bike and some with big engines that are run hard, still have original belt. It is a oddity to have a belt snap for no apparent reason.
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    The funny part is that while we were doing the cams we had looked at it...The main cause of the failure according to my buddy is that it was just brittle.. like dried and brittle, I look forward to the fixing and getting back to riding the bike. I enjoy it.
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    Like what dbmg, said look for another cause if no abuse was applied to the belt. They are made of Kevlar and they don't dry out.
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    Dry and brittle isn't a problem, improper adjustment can be. I still do hard starts and shifts with my '92 Dyna and it's original belt (yes, it's bigger than yours). Like H.D, recommends, no lubricants ever used. Edge tears can be a cause of failure. Anyhow, sorry that you had this uncommon problem.
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    When I had my '94 FLSTC I wanted to run a 150 rear tire. I made a jig that allowed me to cut the belt down 3/8" while still on the bike. I put over 100,000 miles on that cut down belt and never had a problem.
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    Dry and brittle, Was this bike in storage? I have seen belts snap, usually do to damage like a rock penetrating, but not from dry and brittle. I have seen as others belts go 100K adjustment and tracking are key factors here JMO
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    In addition to checking the belt at the break, take a look at the final drive pulleys as well. Those mouse cams did not cause the belt to break..........;)

    If you don't have the service manual for your bike, get one. You will need to pull the swing arm pivot shaft to R/R the belt as well as the outer and inner primary. A good time to take a look at the IPB and everything else inside the inner primary. Consider replacing the IPB seal while you have the chance. Tape the spline on the main shaft to avoid nicking the IPB seal during the R/R; all covered in the service manual. It would be unfortunate to have gone through the process only to find yourself with a leak after the belt replacement.:eek:
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    We will be checking the whole thing out when it comes apart. I am sure that the belt was just ready.. it snapped and it has the strings of the fibers just tore out. It broke evenly along one of the teeth of the belt and the only visable wear was a bit on the side of the belt and it was very minimal. Not teeth were harmed nor was there any signs of wear in the valleys... Thanks for the advice.
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    Unless it was a defective belt for some reason, 26,000 miles is nothing. I'd be looking as suggested in other posts for why it might have snapped.