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So. Cal to Farmington, New Mexico


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Hi, I am a first timer to this site, found you on a Google search:rolleyes: . I am planning a trip this summer from So. Cal to Farmington, New Mexico. I 'd like to stop in Flagstaff as a half way point for the first night and hit Farmington on day two. I would like to tour around that area for a few days and then head back home. Has anyone here done this route or is familiar with it. I was planning for early June. If anyone has feed back I would appreciate it;)
Wow,nice track planning,unfortunely personally I am not familiar with the track,but if you should be the first one to do it, please share your trips here then for our reference.

I would be glad to;) . My last big road trip was in June, we started out in Simi Valley, CA and hit the road to Duck Creek, UT population 60 something, elevation 9,000 something in the middle of the first heat wave of the season by the time we hit Baker, CA at 9am it was already 103 degrees.
Utah is a really beautiful area:cool: . Rented a condo for a week in Duck Creek as our base and toured Zion National Park, North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon. A great adventure:p !!! Especially after hiking up the Narrows in Zion we headed up Reservior Road on our bikes to see Zion from a different vantage point, Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Unfortunatly we continued on that road north thinking we we hit the road back to our base in Duck Creek, 50 miles of dirt logging road that took us 5 hours:eek: !! Yikes!! Needless to say I shook a couple of parts off my Super Glide and I got over my fear of riding on loose gravel and dirt! I would recommend that southern part of Utah to anyone wanting to see gorgeous mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers streams, vistas. The roads are great!!!

Andi Lu