Snow, Slush & Water Clean Up

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    This is for those like me driving in this winter of snow, slush and bringing it home and into the garage.
    Normally I would use a floor squegie to push it outside, only to get a layer of ice just outside the door.
    I asked the wife if she could pick me up a mop to help clean up the soup of de-icer, water and slush that falls off our riggs even after knocking off what we can before bringing them in.
    She returns with something so small that I just kind of laugh to myself, as she said, "Not bad for $1.50". It is still as dry as the day she brought it home.
    This is now what I do, and it really does a great job.
    I sweep up the big chunks of ice with the snow shovel and toss it in
    the street. On my way back to the garage I bring back a big scoop of powdery snow and spred it gently out on the floor and use a push
    broom sweeping the snow as it collects all the water, mud and slush.
    Than use the snow shovel to pick it up and drop it off into the street,
    returning with more snow if needed to finish the job.
    The snow acts like a sponge. Try it you will see.
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