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Discussion in 'Mountain' started by SpringerSteve98, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Hey guys... My little woman wants me to take her through the smoky mountains this summer and i want to show her a beautiful ride. I want to take a trip that spends 2-3 days just driving thru the mountains and seeing the scenery and sights. I was just wanting feedback on some cool rides thru there. I hear Blueridge Parkway is pretty sweet and have heard a few guys talking about it. Any other real cool routes thru the smoky mountains... I don't mind crossing several states, and my woman doesn't seem to mind crashing next to the bike at a rest area here or there if need be. (gotta love that)

    Anyway, if you've found some awesome routes thru the mountains we might enjoy seeing please post some directions, i'd love some feedback before we plan this trip. Thanks.
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    MadMaps has lots of suggested rides in the TN/NC area you mentioned. Same with the ride planner on the HD website.

    The Cherohala Skyway from Tellico Plains to Robbinsville is a must do - 40 plus miles of sweeping curves and beautiful views. If you've never done the Tail of the Dragon it's worth considering. Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful but can get crowded in season. Same with Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.
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    DEpends upon where you want to start, if around Knoxville/Smokey Mtns, the Dragon, Hwy 129, 318 curves in 11 miles, Cherhala Skyway, the BlueRidge Pkwy, it starts/ends in Cherokee NC, the other end is around Staunton VA IIRC. The Skyline Drive starts ends where the BRP ends in VA and goes/stops to Port Royal VA. I suggest you start in Port Royal VA, do the Skyline Drive/BRP, ending in Cherokee NC, then to Murphy NC, take Hwy 64 to Cleveland TN, Hwy 64 follows along the Ocoee River (site of 96 whitewater Olympics), get some BBQ at Jordins' BBQ in Cleveland TN, (DO NOT LEAVE W/O TRYING THE BANANA PUDDIN'), then the Cherhala Skyway back over into NC, then the Dragon back into Maryville TN, then to Fall Creek Falls State Park in Crossville TN, maybe Big South Fork State Park (north of Crossville), up into KY (you're on your own in KY). How much time you got?????
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    a nice place to visit in the smokies, is cave creek. and to the top of the mountain near gatlin berg tn.
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    This will help you find gas along the Blue Ridge.

    Gasoline is not available on the parkway, but is available not far off the Parkway at many US or State Highway Intersections, including those below.


    US 250 - MP 0
    US 60 - MP 45.6
    US 501 - MP 63.9
    US 460 - MP 95.9
    VA 24 - MP 112.2
    US 220 - MP 121.4
    US 58 - MP 177.7
    US 52 - MP 199.4
    VA 89 - MP 215.8

    North Carolina

    US 21 - MP 229.7
    NC 18 - MP 248.1
    NC 16 - MP 261.2
    US 321 - MP 291.9
    NC 181 - MP 312
    US 221 - MP 317.5
    NC 226 - MP 330.9
    NC 226A - MP 334
    US 70 - MP 382.4
    US 74A - MP 384.7
    NC 191 - MP 393.6
    US 25 - MP 388.1
    US 276 - MP 411.9
    US 74/23 - MP 443.1
    US 19 - MP 445.7
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    You guys ROCK! We plan to spend about a week touring the mountains. Thanks for the killer info you've shared. Couldn't ask for a better group of people on this forum :)
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    We have done the Skyline Drive/BRP twice. Started at Front Royal both times. Two of the best trips we have ever had. I think when you get to the southern part in Va. and N. Carolina it flat`ens out and get`s boring till you get back in the mountians of N.C. The second time we went in to N.C. the over to Tenn. to Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Knoxville. I`d love to do it all again someday.