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English Mike

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Just wanted to say thank you to what is a really wonderful forum, well moderated, fantastic bunch of folks and a privilege to be here. I moderate on a UK forum (non bike related) and just thought I would say I am so pleased I found you.:s

English Mike
Gday English Mike,

Yes its a cool forum here, none of the rubbish you get on some sites, the guys really do a good job.

Thanks for your kind words brother,we try improve it as we can,and we always hear you,just give us suggestion if you have an idea.
Awwwww............ya all gotta stop gettin to me like that:17:I'm actually starting to get a vision of you "bikers" actually having a very warm,compasionate, caring heart, and a dash of tenderness & sincerity underneath those skid lids and ruff & tuff thick leather jackets of yours.Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding brothers & sisters.Actually that's a good side & image of bikers that more people need to see and hear about.Ride safe & take it easy, Hi-Tek Rednek:42:
Hey "glider", I know we've all heard that men aren't supposed to cry......but everyone could use a good hug every now & then ( man to man....2-3 seconds ) (man to time long as it's not someone's wife !!!!).:D