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Smart Siren (not the II Version)


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I have a question about the harley davidson smart siren 68328-02 that I had installed when I bought the bike. I didn't realize when I asked to have this installed that since this is not a smart siren II that my only choice for a paging system from harley would be the Security system pager 91665-03 .
I picked up a security system pager and it was such a low price and a good deal, that it came with no instructions for operation of pager. I can't seem to get it to recognize pager unless it is right next to transmitter antenna. And as soon as I walk 5 foot away from bike, Pager shows it is out of range. Can somebody please enlighten me as to how this system should be set up or programmed if necessary. Maybe somebody has a copy of instructions they might want to share. Thanks in advance....
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