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Smart Siren II installation


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Just finished installing the Smart Siren II on my 2008 Ultra Cruiser. I have the pager also. The siren works fine. My problem is that I cannot find the information on marrying the pager receiver to the unit. Can you guys help?

Move the FOB away from the bike.

1. Ensure the pager receiver is turned off

2. Press and hold the pager receiver button (D) - (the big button on the front of the pager). The pager receiver will flash and vibrate to indicate it is in the ON mode. Continue to hold the button until the LED indicators begin to flash one after another and the receiver begins to beep once every two seconds. The pager receiver is now in the encoding mode. (NOTE: the encoding mode will time out after beeping five times. If it times out repeat steps 1. and 2.)

3. Reintroduce the FOB to the area of the bike to activate the alarm to arm the security system. The pager receiver will indicate that it has been successfully encoded by beeping four times.

Hope it works, it's new to me too.:D Let me know.