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Smarft Siren II install issues


So I bought the TSSM and installed it and got the thing "married" to the ECU. I know I did because I did the ten minute X 3 and the bike started and I've been riding i!!

So I got all excited and bought the Smart Siren II, Installed it and now I don't know what to do next! Can someone point me to the correct next step? It's not chirping, it doesn't "register" with the pager (the one that looks like a baby cell phone)

Oh, This is for a 2007 883 Custom
Also can someone confirm that the plug (421b?)is in front of the battery plugged into a cover that's zip tied to the wiring harness? It's the only plug I can find!!

Thanks in advance.
Hey Fred,
From experience, your TSSM may not have the chirp feature. I have a security system on my 2005 deuce and after several months, and several different answers from dealers, I have been told that HD went through spells and changed the TSSM's to not chirp. I'm glad I'm not the only one who would rather have the chirp.

If you learn anything different, please share! Good luck. :D
Hi glider, I tried as you suggested, no go. I don't think it's even arming, Looks like I have to study the electric diagnostic manual...:D
Just a thought here, have you set a PIN code that uses the directional switches to deactivate the alarm yet?
Yes I have, I even changed it tonight
I think. Do you set the last number with the left turn signal and then hit the right turn signal once then shut the key off?
Also do I deactivate the system with the FOB away from the system?
Well, after a lot of trying, I discovered that the system does not arm. No turn signal flash when I turn the bike off, no flashing key on the .

I had the TSSM module installed before I took it to my dealer to get Lojack installed.
When I got the bike back there was an entry on the bill for "Digital Tech" that was added and removed from the cost of the bill.

I then installed the Smart Siren II and I'm wondering if they "unplugged" the system from the ECU.

Ever the Pager II won't light up the antenna on it when I turn it on.

At this point being you had other work done, I think it's best to go back to the dealer and ask them why this problem now.
Hey Glider,

So I took the Sporty back to the dealer and they where really nice about it, they put Digital Technician Mobile on the bike and found that the FOB wasn't being recognized by the bike. So they introduced them and it armed. then they tried to use the Remote Pager II and the FOB got forgotten.

They reprogrammed the FOB back in and said don't use the Pager.

And I can't find the instruction manual for the pager. So the Bike arms now but no pager. I'm going to call HD and see if I can get the manual in Adobe PDF format.

Thanks for your help!
LUNCH!! Time to ride!!!