Slow Race. HELP! HOW??

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  1. BuzzCap7

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    If you know exactly how to do the Slow Race especially if u r a police officer, pls tell me exactly how to do it.

    I love riding and really want to know how.

    Friction Zone
    Feather Rear Brake
    RPM = 900??
    Head/Eyes 5-6' above grnd where handle bars are pointing.
    2nd (not 1st) gear

    ?????? is this right?

    Eager to learn.


  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Why second gear?
  3. The Bad Man's Angel

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    Keep your head & eyes up, look where you want the bike to go at all times NOT where your at, your already there and it's to late worry about that!
    Find a empty parking lot and practice doing figure 8s in the parking spaces, it'll teach you more about bike balance then anything I know of. Maintain speed in which ever gear your BIKE'S comfortable in.
    If want to win you'll have to practice everyday no matter how many years you've been riding.
  4. BuzzCap7

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    Thanks for the input.

    2nd gear is what 2 pro's told me. Just why I do not know.

    I can do the slow turns referenced above. I can get into a 5' gate, turn around in an 18' circle and out all w/o touching the ground and going both ways so thanks but I have that covered.

    It is just the slow stuff. I agree, how long 1 has been riding makes no difference. Practice EVERY day over and over and over. I just did not want to develop bad habits.

    THANK YOU ALL for your input!!!!!!

    I'll be out practicing today..........ok, ok, falling and practicing. I am not new to falling while practicing. :) Also, not new to forgetting to put the kickstand down BEFORE leaning the bike off to the side thinking I already put it down. HAH! Yup, dumb. :D :majesty

  5. Fisher

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    Pinch the gas tank with your knees.Sit upright and very quiet(no movement of upper body.)Feather the clutch when needed.I like to pull in the clutch and rev the bike to rattle the competition.
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  6. Buzzy

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    Don't think I could do it in second gear but first does fine. The Baker 7 speed tranny with it's lower first gear should rock for this.