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Slipons for 2008 FLHRSE4

SE King

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I just got my '08 FLHRSE4 on Saturday. Due to bad weather I haven't been able to ride it more than down the street and back. Too quiet!!! Any suggestions on some slip-ons that are not too loud but have a nice tone? With the SE will I have to use a Power Commander?
The SE slipons have a bit more sound but the sound thing is subjective. What one person likes another thinks is too loud. Find some bikes with different mufflers on them and listen to the sound to see if this sound is what you like.

As far as adding fuel, there's many ways of doing this and the key factor is how much time and money do you want to invest into making it run better.

I like the TFI over the Power commander for bikes that will not be heavily modified with big cams and head work, compression increases etc.

The TFI does not need dyno time or a computer to set it up. The PC III needs some computer time and possibly dyno time depending on how you want to dial it in. There are also more advanced ways of adding fuel like the SERT. All these topics are covered in this forum.
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As far as adding fuel with the slip ons, many will tell you it's not needed but the factory settings are very lean and the 02 sensors are narrow band which will not adjust more than a pre specified amount. I add fuel which cools things down and makes it run better too.

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I used the Rush slip=ons and like them, some don't. They really opened up the sound without being too loud at least for me. The SE's I heard on my friends bike didn't seen to make a lot of difference on his stock motor I have heard that they open up a little more on a big bore (100" pluss). there are a ton of different offerings out there and sound is a very personal thing. Best way is to try and find similar bikes to what you have with a slip-on that you are interested in and take a listen to em.

My personal Fav for fuel , especially if you are going to do engine mods at some point is the SERT available from your HD dealer. The problem hee is that is more expensive than most due to the fact you have to put in Dyno time to get it right and also that it is only good for that bike forever cannot be transfered should you change bikes. PCIII is also a good choice if you are going to modify and can be switched to a new bike. If you are just going to put slip-ons and a high volume filter on then the TFI mentioned above should do you fine.
Thanks for all the info. Think I'll leave it alone until I get a chance to hear some different pipes.