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  1. Guys I am a little (EDIT) with my dealer. I just got off the phone and the service manager told me I would have to buy the screaming eagle air cleaner. And I would have to buy the 459 dollar harley re flasher. He said this was the only way it will run right. I told him my buddy who has a heritage soft tail had Rush slip ons put on and all they had to do was adjust the computer that came with his bike. I also pointed out to him that my buddies Heritage was a 2008, and had the same engine as mine. He then said thats because the bikes change every year, and all bikes run a little different from the factory. I believe he does not know what he is talking about or trying to get every penny from me.

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    Unless I'm mistaken, the o2 sensor should adjust to the slip ons. If you then add the a/c you will defintly need to remap to get some more fuel to the motor.
  3. Your right I called American Custom and said the computers air sensor will readjust the air fuel mixture incrementally. He claimed I had nothing to worry about with just the slip ons. I have a good repair shop local that can put it on a dyno so I will probably do it this week. He also said the sensor will always try to keep it a 14 to 1 mixture.
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    2010 let us know what it any time u can ad a TFI Fueler & dial it in yourself.