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    I have not saw are used them, but I did see them on the tv show. They sounded pretty good, nice rumble not too loud.
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    2007 Softail Custom - American Custom Tone Flex installed.
    Did a lot of research on exhaust systems and mufflers. Talked to many unhappy riders that spent a lot of money and did like the results. Too loud or engine performance issues. Read about American Custom in American Iron Magazine. Finally took the plunge and purchased an upgrade. Biggest problem was getting the stock muffler off. I was looking for increased sound without going deaf.. Stock HP and Touqe worked for me.

    American Iron took the stock Harley muffler and removed the restrictor plate located about half way down the stock muffler, Drilled a small hole in the bottom to accommodate the optional baffles mounting screws. I ordered my set with the Mid Level baffles. The unbaffeled muffler is very loud. Could see the rear view mirrors vibrate and could move picture frames inside of the house. Loud and thumping. Would be great for bike night to announce your arrival or departure. Inserted the Mid level baffles. Sound was mellow and a deffenant improvement from stock but I was wanting just a bit more sound. The folks at American Custom talked me though modifying the Mid level baffle to FINE tune a little more Harley throb and rumble by enlarging the hole in the restrictive plate in the Mid level baffle. Great product, reasonable price and tunable from factory quiet to thump and roar bike night. As a side note it appears to have more touqe and pull in all gears with no side performance problems.