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    so i stopped at the local H-D dealer and the employee said if i put on "Screaming Eagle" slip ons with out changing the "Air Filter" i did not need TFI or similar product !! is this true ? and does this apply to all slip ons because i was looking at a set of Rush slash downs with 1.75 baffles ????? as always thanks for any and all help !!!
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    You can "get by" without the TFI but these bikes run so lean that the TFI even on a completely stock bike will make a noticable difference. I would add the TFI myself even with just the slip ons. You'll see a noticable difference.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    The LESS restriction on the exhaust is a good thing BUT having enough back-pressure (needed) to keep the bike running good is a must...

    The HD Brain will adjust to ONE or the OTHER but Not BOTH..
    Hd settings Will Still be TOO LEAN condition for good performance... Use of the Full stage one "benefits" will not be as imagined it should and COULD,,, using HD's mapp.

    The TFI is a device that is "Needed" right Off the showroom floor.. whether You do modifications or not... TFI WILL improve the Too Lean Condition...

    I bought my new 09FLHR down in Bend Oregon, living here in W. Wa. so I had a long ride to get back home with it... I took time to do the 30/60/30 break-in and put about 100 miles on it before putting wife on the back for the up down and thru the gears and no steady speed ,,,, ride home.. It being completely broken-in by home time..

    I want you to know, I wasn't IMPRESSED with my decision of the Roadking by the time I got it home.. I knew IT Needed a little More power than it had and YES I know how to do all that myself... But thinking 96 cu in should do the job better than it did!.

    I came off (traded in) a 2000 FXDS that I Built and re-built several different ways and with a 6 speed gear set installed, Bike with over 100 +hp 100+torque.... SO I was Spoiled when it came to POWER...

    I Liked the NEW big bike I just purchased BUT I really didn't want to tear into the bike as KNOWING the 96" bike had a lot More it wanted to PUT-OUT, But was Hidden there some place..

    Reading Up on the TFI and a full stage one, AS this being my First FI bike, I FELT How Lean the bike was on the drive home.. HOT was there also but I figured it would Cool Up on the Heat when fully broken in.... NO SO..

    I did the exhaust First... Not much improvement but It sounded great, More like the HD I wanted but NOT enough power and Way too lean... Knowing I would NOT go for a Bigger Bore,,, wondered about Cams to unlock the needed HP/TQ.

    I added the SE Air and TFI that i ordered.... "WOW" Using the "Seat Of My Pants Dyno" What an Improvement..... Never thought I would get THAT much improvement before other Modifications... NOW, I'm on Hold with further improvements because I really DON'T feel it Needed right away and I am Happy with the New Found Bike that was there all the while!......

    That is how The TFI worked for me...

    I know that you can have the HD shop do a different Mapp for the bike when you do the "full stage one" but IT Will be still TOO LEAN.....(EPA guidance) ruins it.

    Now mind you, IF you do a New mapp with HD and Keep it Off their DYNO= $$$$$ saved and then get the TFI, you will still benefit from the HD RPM advance IF that is what you Want,,, THEN ADD the TFI,,, OR save the $$ for mapp and Just do the TFI........ And Do Your OWN "seat of the pants dyno" and save the dyno$$ to easily pay for the TFI..

    Remember You get a 10% discount if you are a member of HDT and mention it WHEN ordering from Dobeck Performance....

    More on the TFI everyday if you read.... Put TFI in the "search forum" and you can read Much information.....

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    It will run lean they all do , more fuel is the answer:s
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    Ya know it's the same with my 06 Dodge Charger. 350hp V-8, and official word is it is so choked down when it rolls off the assembly line, that you have to install a predator box to unleash the raw power that is being strangled due to EPA restrictions put on Dodge.

    I've not done that yet, as my need for speed days are a distant glimmer over the horizon these days. But it sounds a similar situation as to how the TFI unlocks a brand new bike. I WILL be doin a TFI mod however. Not a matter of if...but when..

    And thanks Bubbie for the real life expereince... you 'da man............!!!

    signed........trvlr :D
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    I'm betting pipes won't be your only bike mod so listen to the experts (above) and drop a few extra $$$ for the tuner. Then you're set for the breather, big bore, well spent.