Slip on muflers without ECM recalibration

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by david26, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. david26

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    Got a question about changing pipes on to my 09 superglide Iam sure it been asked before and i just didnt read back far enough... I am wanting to but on some simple slip on mufflers to replace the stock ones iam not lookin for anything super load just a nice sound. the dealership tryin to tell me I need to put in a race tuner and have it remapped lookin at $1200 worth of work by the time they are done. This month issue of American Iron they where puting short shots on a 2007 sporty and said that they were not installing the ECM calibration because most fuel injected bikes with o2 sensors will recalibrate themself after running for a few min. So have any of yall done this with out the tuner or remapping is it a bad idea to try and if so are there any slip on's out there that are close to the same as the stock ones but that will give me a better sound?
  2. Breeze3at

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    Go to the self help tips top left tab. You will find what you need. Quick answer. Slip on's only, or free flowing air filter only, you don't need remap or tuner. If you do both, it's a good idea. Also search for subjects like "tuner, remap, TFI, XIED".

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    If my bike,

    I would go with the exhaust slip-ons (of your liking) and do the air to a scream'n eagle so it will give you full benefit as a full stage one set-up.

    Then i would invest in the TFI to adjust the LEAN condition all harleys have even stock off the show room floor.

    You will thank me later if you follow this recommendation..... read a lot of post on this subject if you need....

    cost are a lot less than you quoted... example;
    exhaust? about 350$$ to 450$

    HD's Scrm'n eagle air 120$

    TFI about 270$ area.... and with this fuel manager, you can install and tune it yourself as it comes with easy instructions and suggested setting that were spot on for my new 09 bike.

    just doing these modifications I suggest, and you will feel a BIG difference "in the seat of your pants" dyno. Your bike will run properly and give you better results for the $$$$ than the ways you described to go with HD.

    to me a waste of $$ for the HD 500$ tuner and the dyno time..... NICE, but not needed.... with my suggested set-up you save the bucks for my birthday... oh yea,darn, this is your money!

  4. Thorns

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    Bubbie has a good solution, but I would also go with the A/C setup that uses the K&N filter. It will last the life of the bike with cleaning twice a year.

  5. Jack Klarich

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    Bubbie and Thors got you covered here, I changed my pipes 07 FXDB with no ill effects, then The Stealer had a recall on remapping my bike for a torque problem imagine that
  6. Iceman24

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    Sounds like you dealership's planning to take the enture service crew on a cruise w/their over-charging profit margin(s). Short answer's "no" on the re-tune w/pipes - I've swapped exhaust on most of my rides w/o haveing anything re-tunes. Now, as others indicate, might be a good time (if you have the $$$) to add other performance mods & give your scoot some pep...;)
  7. glyd-n

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    If all you're going to do is change the mufflers, you do not have to remap or change anything else. You will be fine.
  8. TQuentin1

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    Strictly speaking, glyd-n is right. But you will get a bit more pull and a few more ponies out of a full Stage 1 up-grade. This opens up the air pump with a fuller flowing AC and pipes, and a fueler or download to compensate for more air flow. A user-friendly option for the fuel add is the TFI that many folks here on this site have opted for. The new gen of the TFI gives you more adjustment capabilities than the old four LED adjusters that those of us with the older units have.

    But it depends on your priorities and plans for the bike. If you are going to do cams, heads, jugs & pistons, etc. fairly soon, a race tuner and DYNO time may be a good option for you. If you are gonna do a full Stage 1 and then enjoy the ride, a fueler or the download may be all you need.

    Check out the self-help pages for bunches of posts on this topic.

  9. mstngjoe

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    I did dyno pulls with a/f ratio readings before and after installation of both Rush & Khrome Werks slip-on mufflers.

    The a/f ratios were virtually the same stock and with the muffler change.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Thank you for the Mstngjoe for doing the research with hard numbers; most riders find out more by an act of faith and verifying by looking for symptioms of the A/F not being right, or seat of the pants feel or experiences there after. I am from the carb side of the house, and subjective is the only way I know things are I feel the EFI guys in a sense have a disadvantage unless they do testing or have a fueler like TFI to move things around a bit not having a dyno at their disposal.